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Engelo will inspire, motivate, and entertain your audience with his NO BULLS#@% presentations. 

He leaves nothing on the table when sharing his perceptions, opinions, and experiences. 

Some of his topics include:

  • Wake The F@#% UpFrom high school dropout, to over 450 real estate deals, to owner and CEO of multi-million dollar companies. Get ready to be inspired, get ready to be motivated, and get ready to be kicked up the A$$. If you truly want to succeed in business and life, there is no one better than Engelo to help you “Wake The F@#% Up”.
  • Negotiate Like A PimpLooking to make money in real estate? You should know that you make money when you “buy" and not when you “sell" a house. Learn the #1 negotiation strategy that helped Engelo buy over 450 properties making him millions of dollars in profit. 
  • Start Living Life On Your TermsLearn the good, the bad, and the ugly of investing in turnkey real estate. This presentation will provide you with the necessary guidelines to find your way through the murky waters of the real estate investment world.